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  • What is "AMO"? 

Allison and Michelle Operations. There are three reasons why we chose to name our company "AMO". 


Initially, we created the name because we were able to incorporate the initials of our names, but after deeper thought and discussion we created a more meaningful company name.


Pronunciation of our company name was an important piece because "AMO" (am·mo), like ammunition, represents power. We want to provide the power of knowledge and intelligence to our players, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional aspects of the sport. 


Last, but definitely not least, the Spanish word "AMO" translates to "love" in English. We absolutely love the game of volleyball, surrounding ourselves around the sport, and coaching young players as much as we can in the allotted time. 


  • Where are we located?

Carrollton Rosemeade Rec Center, Carrollton Crosby Rec Center, Frisco, Lewisville, and growing!


  • What does AMO provide?

Weeknight all skills classes and summer camps (locally and across the United States)!


As former high school state champions, Division l collegiate athletes, and professional volleyball players, we want to share our knowledge, experience, love, passion, and dedication to the game with as many volleyball players possible. We provide a unique opportunity for players to practice and train like the top Division l programs.


We provide a two packages for Middle School athletes to develop their skills while giving their school coaches a chance to see the players who will enter the feeder school program.


Our Elite and Championship packages are directed towards Freshman, JV, and Varsity athletes. Our style of camp will not only prepare the returning players for the upcoming season, but it will also give players an idea of what it is like to complete drills like we did in college. 


Our local weeknight classes are designed to cater to the individual players within the group and grow all skill aspects throughout the six week class. The class will always incorporate at least two skills as we progress towards game-like play. We emphasize the importance of fundamentals while providing quality feedback and repetitions every class. 

  • What are our goals for each class and camp?

Our goals are to teach the fundamental aspects of the game (physical, technical, mental, and emotional), emphasize efficiency, correct technique, and increase volleyball knowledge in order to enhance each individual skill level. Our playing and coaching history will allow us to analyze what is best for each player and the program as a whole. 


The ultimate goal is to develop a successful well rounded athlete to contribute to their school volleyball program. We will accomplish these goals with efficiency and consistency. 


  • What can we promise?

We can ensure classes and camps will have a hard-working, competitive, and fun atmosphere to get the players ready for the upcoming season.​



Private lessons are customized for any athlete who wants to improve specific skills. There is not a limit to how many different skills are focused on within the lesson.

Learn more here



Group lessons are customized for the players attending the lesson.

The session can be position specific, all skills, and/or game strategy. 

The maximum player to coach ratio is 6:1.




AMO Volleyball has partnered with City of Carrollton and the City of Lewisville to extend services to the North Dallas community throughout the year and during the summer months.


Check out more information on our services

- City of Carrollton 

- City of Garland

City of Lewisville

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