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How To Not Be 'That Parent': Chilling Out On The Sideline

It's bound to happen. You're going to be "that parent' one time or another.. or time and time again. We see it all the time in adolescent sports, whether it's volleyball, basketball, futsal, baseball, and so on at ANY level from recreation to club to collegiate. Parents are one of a kind when it comes to "supporting" their child (let's just say supporting is subjective at this point). "Supporting" comes in all forms of verbal or non-verbal communication. Think: cheering, yelling (at child or ref/ump), whistling, death stare when child looks over, etc. The list could go on really. Moral of this article: Be invested, be present, be supportive, but "Sit down. Shut up. Let your kids control the ride home. Repeat after me: "Did you have fun? Good!"

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